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From Winter to Summer

WARNING! This is another rant. After my last post I had comments from people telling me not to focus on the negative. I do appreciate these comments and I think they make a good point, but overall they are not realistic. It is necessary to consider things from all angles to make decisions on the course of action to take in life. At times this involves taking a look at the negative aspects (and there are negatives in everything) to decide what needs to change.

I get it. People want to believe if they traveled the way I do their lives would be perfect. This is simply not the case. However I am the first to admit that I’m lucky to travel and to have the job that I do, and can safely say that the good experience I have whilst traveling far outweigh the negative ones. But I am human and things do get to me. This time it is the shifting temperatures.

The more I travel the more I find that changing time zones is only one part of the stuffing around. When you travel from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere you also have to deal with the changing seasons. For this reason I leave home in shorts and a t shirt with a thickĀ  jacket packed in my bag to protect me from the bitter cold when I arrive.

The really annoying thing is that I need to pack for both conditions. I have to consider how long I will be hot and how long I will be cold. Once I get back home I am thrown back into the warm weather and I hardly want to be wearing a jacket.

I also got sick recently and I absolutely attribute it to shifting from the cold weather to the hot weather. It was a different type of sickness that I had not experienced before and one that does not follow the traditional symptoms of a flu, although I did have some pretty bad body aches.

I love my job, but I hate the cold.

Next stop: Albany, New York.