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Essential Items to Pack for a Long Flight

Packing may not be the most fun thing to do before embarking on a long journey. One of the least enjoyable parts of traveling is flying for several hours, and you know that all too well.

But it’s definitely worse if you do not have all the things that you need especially if you’re out for a hours-long flight. Aside from the feeling of impatience, being seated inside the airplane for too long will definitely be a pain in the butt.

To make those extended flight hours at least bearable, bring the essential things that will make you relaxed, ease off those airborne jitters and control possible in-flight irascibility.

1) Clothing
You don’t have to pack a lot clothes, but there are some pieces of clothing that you will definitely need for the long, long flight.

Slip-on shoes and sandals – most airport security checkouts may require you to remove your shoes. Wearing slip-on shoes and sandals will get you through security a lot quicker. They are also easier to remove when you’re inside the plane.

Wool socks – airplanes are heavily air-conditioned. So it’s best to wear comfy wool socks to keep your feet warm.

Light jacket – for keeping your upper body warm inside the chilly airplane.

Hoodie – for keeping your upper body and head warm inside the chilly airplane. Plus, you can also use the hood to cover your head if you don’t want to be disturbed while taking that much-needed long nap.

2) Eye mask and ear plugs
Sleeping on planes is not exactly easy. Plus, there’s some feeling of awkwardness when you try to sleep in your own way, in the midst of many other passengers. Not to mention there’s the noise from people chattering and kids yelling and throwing tantrums.

You want to shut yourself off from those in-flight inconveniences for a while? An eye mask and a pair of ear plugs will definitely help you as you’re trying to get a decent sleep.


A good sleep can help in reducing the effects of jet lag. Check out the article How to Minimize the Effects of Jet Lag for more tips on how to combat it.


3) Alcohol, hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes
It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Airplanes are high-traffic areas and the likelihood of contamination is pretty great. Minimize the risk of picking up and spreading harmful bacteria and germs by applying alcohol or hand sanitizer, or getting your hands clean with anti-bacterial wipes.


4) Bring your own snacks and drinking water
Most of the time, you want to eat according to your own wants and needs, and not according to the flight crew’s schedule. So instead of waiting for the flight attendants to bring a tray of food and drinks on the aisle, pack some snacks and a bottled water. It’s better to bulk yourself up on high-fiber snacks such as nuts, seeds, trail mix, health bars, whole-grain salads (because they never wilt unlike leafy salads), and some sweets like dark chocolates. These snacks will keep you full during a long flight.


5) Entertainment for long flights
To help stave off boredom during those long flights (or if you don’t like the in-flight entertainment), you deserve some distraction. If you are the old-school type of person, bring a book of crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Or bring some magazines with you, or have a Rubik’s cube to tinker with.

Having your phone or tablet switched to “airplane mode” for a while means you cannot browse, download files and watch Youtube videos online while you’re inside the plane. So before that long, grueling flight, make sure to download apps and mobile games that can work well offline or PDF’s of your favorite pieces of literature. Sync your playlists on Spotify to your phone too so that you can listen to music even when you’re offline.

The reality of having a “jet-set lifestyle” is far from being fun and glamorous. Long flights are stressful and may take a toll on you. Coming yourself prepared by packing those above-mentioned “must-have” items is only one of the ways to surviving a long and grueling flight.

Tips to Prepare for Long Travel

The secrets of a successful holiday are organization and preparation, right? An early and well-thought-out plan means a hassle-free travel. For a start, have a checklist of what to do and what to bring when you’re expected for a long, long haul.

Packing for must-have items and kits are easy enough. But if you want to look for more practical but otherwise awesome travel “buddies,” check out this link “Cool Travel Accessories” — the bag and the organizer featured there will help you to pack more efficiently.

Aside from packing your clothing and bringing your DSLR’s and GoPro’s, there are other important things that you should not forget to make your travel smooth, convenient and worry-free.

1) Organize your finances
While getting your finances in order is not a glamorous or fun thing to do, it is otherwise an essential part of your pre-travel prep! Make sure that you have settled whatever debts you have (if you can) and set up an automatic payment for bills. Opt for travel-friendly debit and credit cards as they will be of big help to you particularly when it comes to foreign exchange fees (it would also be a big help if you keep track of the fluctuating exchange rates).

Don’t forget your travel insurance – it will be a big life-saver to you as it covers anything from medical expenses to theft of your important belongings to trip cancellations. If you have a travel insurance policy, it is better to review it first before hitting the road or flying out of the country. It is important to know what your travel insurance exactly covers so that you will decide which ones you really need.

2) Update your important documents
It is also important to get your necessary documents updated and ready, including your passport, visa, life/travel/health insurance, vaccination certificates (check out the list of countries that require them) and student ID’s (if you’re still studying, of course).

If you are of a certain age, make sure that you have updated your wills and beneficiary designations. You should also consider turning over your important financial and legal matters to someone you trust, especially if you’re going to a long and epic holiday.

3) Get your phone ready for international travel
When you’re planning to be out of the country for long and want to take your phone with you, then you should consider setting it up for international roaming. Carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile offer free international roaming but there are data limits unless you pay more. A&T and and Verizon, on the other hand, offer international “day passes,” which allow you to enjoy unlimited talk times, text messaging and data for a low daily fee.

In many other countries (especially in Southeast Asia), phone services are incredibly cheap. You may want to take advantage of their affordable rates by purchasing a local SIM card as you arrive (the SIM cards themselves are very much cheap, too). For only $10 to $20, you can enjoy a hefty amount of texts, calls and mobile data.

You are most likely to bring your phone when you’re abroad, but only for taking pictures and for Wi-Fi. But if you still want to call your family and friends back home, don’t worry! There are many hotels and other lodgings that loan smartphones – complete with calls, text messaging and mobile data services included. Look for hotels that offer this type of service.

4) Get yourself healthy
You’re going for the long haul, that’s why you should not forget about your health. Being sick is no fun especially on a holiday. Visit your doctor and your dentist before embarking on the long journey. When traveling to a foreign country, it’s important to do your own research about the risks, such as contagious diseases, sanitary conditions or poisonous animals (if you’re going to do a nature trip).

Make sure that all of your vaccines are up-to-date – knowing which types of vaccines will protect you from certain diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, and yellow fever. Especially if you’re going on a trip to Asia, South America or Africa, this should be a consideration not to be missed.

Long travels can be stressful, so boost your immune system by munching on healthy food and by taking supplements. It doesn’t hurt if you also bring your prescriptions with you.

5) Prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally
Aside from the material and financial part of the preparation, it’s also important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as you will be embarking on an extensive holiday abroad. Yes, there are tremendous support from your family and friends, but sometimes you cannot help having some doubt towards yourself on how are you going to handle the realities of traveling once they arise. Culture shock is only one of the things that you are likely to encounter once you arrive to your destination.

So you may want to ask yourself first: how will travel change your life? For better or for worse? Will you be returning to your home country or will you find yourself staying there for longer than you expect? That’s why it’s always better to anticipate such situations by being mentally and emotionally prepared.